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Madonna to remake Casablanca?

Casablanca.jpgSeems strange to even think of the classic Casablanca starring Humphrey Bogart, Ingrid Bergman and Claude Rains being remade, but in Hollywood just now anything is possible, after all they're remaking anything they can.

Now this could be the lowest Hollywood has stooped, Madonna remaking Casablanca? Whatever next? Yet could she actually be onto a good idea?

First of all this is as word of mouth as a rumour can get, so bear that in mind as you read it, unnamed sources taking about people who aren't quoted.

However, The Daily Mail claims that a source at a “major Hollywood studio” was approached by Madonna and her company with the idea of remaking the classic film and, now get this, not only would take the part that Ingrid Bergman made so famous, but it would be set in modern day Iraq.

Here's what the unnamed source said about the project that doesn't even have a script yet:

“Madonna is talking about taking the Ingrid Bergman role for herself, even though Bergman was in her 20s when she played Ilsa and Madonna is nearly 50...

...She wants to update the story and maybe set it in a modern war zone such as Iraq. There is no script yet...

...Madonna and her people are testing the waters to see if this is the right vehicle for her and if a major studio will get behind the project.”

Okay, let's imagine for a moment this rumour is true, and then let's look at the original film rather dispassionately.

The film sees Rick smuggling people out of Europe to the U.S. through Casablanca during the early days of World War II. He covers his operation with a popular bar and restaurant, Rick's Cafe. One day the leader of the European resistance arrives in Casablanca looking for an exit visa, and he brings with him Rick's old flame, and as old feeling resurface he has to decide whether to help them, or turn them in to save his own skin.

Now, ignore the Madonna part for a moment, and the Hollywood destruction of remakes, and think of it moved to Iraq with a modern day story of smuggling people out of the country while the war rages.

It certainly isn't a word for word remake, but it's not a bad idea for a story. Throw in more politics, keep the personal relationships, and set it with the modern pressures of war and terrorism. I don't know, but there could be something interesting to be had here.

Okay, now back to reality. Madonna isn't the actress for the role, sure she could produce it, but I don't see the attraction of her acting, or directing for that matter.

Forgetting the classic Casablanca for a moment, I think there could be something strong there, the problem is though it will be a remake of the classic Casablanca.



Oh dear. I'm a big Madonna fan, but I have to say only of her music. The only acting role I've liked her in was Evita. If she does remake it I hope she doesn't act in it, then it really will be doomed to fail.

The problem I see with your scenario here is that no one who loves movies can look at Casablanca dispassionately. In fact, my gut instinct is to protect what is certainly one of the greatest films of all time from the likes of Madonna. (I just so happened to have watched this twice this last weekend! So forgive my visceral response.)

Having said that, I think you are right that the idea could be redone in another setting. Just don't relate it to Casablanca when you do it. Start fresh.

Yeah Conibear, I hear you, that is the problem. It'll always be Casablanca and there would have to be a huge distance placed between the two films and plenty of changes made.

Oh, and keep Madonna behind the camera, if even there.



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