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Meet Bill trailer looks fun

AaronEckhart.jpgThere's a trailer out for a film called Meet Bill, something that hadn't really drawn my attention, until now.

Starring Aaron Eckhart, Elizabeth Banks, Timothy Olyphant and Jessica Alba, it tells the story of a middle aged man who discovers his wife is cheating on him and the teenager that he's mentoring at work decides to help him out and revitalise his image and gain back his wife.

The trailer for Meet Bill (or Bill) looks pretty good fun, and although there are a couple of standard U.S. moments, and one huge odd pause in the middle of the trailer, for the most part it looks really quite fun.

The take on the whole idea is a little off the standard track, and the casting is quite interesting on the Aaron Eckhart and Timothy Olyphant sides. What do you think?

Oh, there's two more for the boys, Elizabeth Banks is often shown in her underwear, and Jessica Alba just looks great.

You can see the trailer here from Moviefone [QT:M:Stream] through Movie-List Forums. What do you think of that then?



Worst prequel ever.

I can't believe they're making the backstory of the man who put together the deadly viper assassination squad a middle-aged shlub who has a midlife crisis. Jessica Alba as Beatrix Kiddo? Give me a break. The only Beatrix Kiddo I'll ever recognize is Uma Thurman.

They're not getting my money.

I'm a bit confused by this comment Terry, doesn't sound like the same film.


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