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Metal Gear Solid film moves forward

MetalGearSolid.jpgI'm surprised that when a Halo film can't be made that they are even talking about a Metal Gear Solid film, but apparently it's going ahead and it seems that work on the project is getting underway.

The producer of 21 recently said at the film press junket that he was set to get back to work on the Metal Gear Solid film adaptation now that the writers strike is over.

To me this seems strange, from what I can tell those behind Metal Gear Solid are as protective of the project as those behind Halo, so it's going to be a tough road to get this film made.

Of course Metal Gear Solid is the more cinematic adventure of the two. Halo is a first person shooter around a pretty standard story, although the ring mythology would be rather interesting. Whereas Metal Gear Solid has a much richer and more varied story to it. With MGS you are more part of the story and playing through it, whereas in Halo (particularly the third) you are fighting between cut scenes, and those cut scenes are incredibly confusing and uninteresting.

Coming Soon through Cinema Blend have the producer Michael De Luca talking about his move to get this film made, and apparently he's already been talking to a potential director. Kurt Wimmer.

Okay, so you might not know who that is, well if I drop in the films Equilibrium and Ultraviolet that he wrote and directed, perhaps you'll get the idea. Of course there's also The Recruit, Sphere and The Thomas Crown Affair that he wrote.

The name both concerns me and excites me. Wimmer does have great ideas for weaponry and fight sequences, but when it comes to stringing together a story he's not been very successful, and that's probably where I'm most concerned.

I can see him bringing together something that looks good during the action sequences, but it's going to totally lose track of the plot and lose the strength of MGS.

What do you think? Halo or Metal Gear Solid, and what of the director choice, would Kurt Wimmer do the film and the story justice?



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