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Miller's Ronin gets writer and director

Ronin.jpgDespite Frank Miller saying that no one else would direct his work again, his comic series Ronin is set to be directed by Sylvian White with Joby Harold adapting.

Harold recently wrote Awake, a film which looks to have much promise, and White directed Stomp the Yard and is to direct Castlevania, are they the right ones to adapt Ronin?

Ronin is a comic series which a Ronin, or masterless Samurai, is re-incarnated in a dystopian future New York and finds his old enemy, a demon called Agat, also re-incarnated in this time, and their battle over this future world begins. That's a very simplistic view of it, if you want more detail then it's worth heading to the Wikipedia entry.

I actually think that the news from The Hollywood Reporter through Superhero Hype is rather good, Joby Harold seems to have done a good job with the script for Awake, and this might reflect well for the film version of Ronin, but Sylvian White I'm not so sure of, particularly as they are directing a videogame adaptation of Castlevania.

Anyway I'm surprised at this, I thought Frank Miller didn't want anyone else adapting his work now that he was getting into the director's chair.



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