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Monahan writes true life serial killer script

WilliamMonahan.jpgWilliam Monahan really shot to fame with his adaptation of The Departed (Filmstalker review) and now everyone knows his name, but he's not resting on his laurels as the latest script he has planned sounds another absolute cracker.

It's based on the story of a drug dealer who rather than face a possible life in jail agreed to go undercover in a maximum security prison and try to discover where a serial killer had hidden his victims.

An article will be published in Playboy later this year - honestly dear, I have to buy it each month to find the article about this new film! - and tells the story of Jim Keene, son of a Police Chief, who was convicted of drug dealing and about to spend ten years to life in jail.

However he was offered a deal in that he could be sent to a maximum security prison and try and find out information from a man who was serving time there, a man whom the authorities believed had murdered around twenty five young women.

The information he was sent to try and find were the whereabouts of their bodies. No small feat really, especially when there are twenty five secrets to be coaxed out of him.

According to the Variety story only the prison psychiatrist and an undercover FBI agent posing as his visiting girlfriend.

The story in Playboy is written by Jim Keene himself and writer Hillel Levin and sounds an absolute corker, even more so because it's true.

Now add William Monahan into the mix and I think we could be looking at a really strong film.



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