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More actors hit comic books

TobeyMaguire.jpgTobey Maguire is the latest actor who is turning to comic books to produce a new film, and perhaps star in it.

He's joining up with Neal Moritz to turn the comic series Afterburn into a film, something that a lot more actors are looking to do.

Perhaps it is becoming the time of the comic property, there are a few successful ones out there and more and more are on the production slate, maybe this is beginning to be the height of the comic book adaptation.

Afterburn, according to Yahoo News, is a science fiction story which sees, surprisingly, a backdrop of a post-apocalyptic Earth used, yeah that old chestnut again. However the story itself is about a group of treasure hunters who are paid to head back there to collect rare objects such as the Mona Lisa, and let me correct Yahoo News here, the British Crown Jewels – not the English as they reported.

When the treasure hunters hit Earth they encounter other treasure hunters who might be after the same thing, mutants (of course) and pirates (okay, that's something a little new).

The first issue of the comic hasn't even been released yet, but it seems Tobey Maguire and Neal Moritz were impressed enough to grab it right there and then. If you hadn't forgotten, Maguire is also involved in producing a live action Robotech film.



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