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More George W. Bush casting

GeorgeBush.jpgThe casting for Oliver Stone's George W. Bush film is growing, and it's looking pretty damn amazing. Now there are two new names on the rumour board for some pretty big roles, those of Colin Powell and Dick Cheney.

Now if you think of how the current casting is going and the roles in question, who do you think they could be? See if you can guess before you get there. Josh Brolin as George W., Elizabeth Banks as Laura, James Cromwell as George H. W. and Ellen Burstyn as Barbara, and so?...

If you haven't managed as yet let me put you out of your misery, or rather, let's see if you were right.

According to Entertainment Weekly through Rope of Silicon the role of Colin Powell is in negotiations to be filled by Jeffrey Wright, and the role of Dick Cheney is rumoured to be going out to Robert Duvall.

It seems though that Duvall hasn't yet been contacted, and the Duvall part comes from a "source", so that role might not be as solid as Wright's, but surely he wouldn't turn it down when Oliver Stone comes knocking.

Now this is turning out to be one stunningly strong cast, and I'm really starting to get excited about this film. Let's hope these two roles come through and it works out.

That's not all though, there's also an expanded plot line from EW, and this makes me think that the film will be gunning for Bush, it's not going to be as nice to him as I first thought.

"W is the improbable story of a man who went to the White House despite getting fewer votes than his opponent; who became commander-in-chief despite having avoided military combat himself; and who became the least popular president ever elected to a second term. W will shock and surprise you and leave you questioning everything you believe to be true."

Okay, I think Stone is going to be pretty open and truthful about the man, and that means having a real go at him. I'm even more excited now!



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