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My Bloody Valentine gets 3D remake

JamieKing.jpgMy Bloody Valentine is the next horror film up for a remake, first made not that long ago in 1981, and Lionsgate have secured Jamie King to star.

Not only that but the film is set to be in 3D.

Oh the pain, I'm struggling to think of anything positive out of this film, but then it hit me, there isn't one.

According to The Hollywood Reporter Jamie King will play Sarah Palmer, a woman who has married her teenage sweetheart's nemesis and has a child with him. Then she meets her old sweetheart again and finds that there's still love there. That's about when all the slashing and killing begins.

Zane Smith and Todd Farmer wrote the screenplay for the My Bloody Valentine remake, and Farmer has The Messengers and Jason X to his name so there's similar ground there.

However I just don't see the draw in the 3D aspect, or the remake of such a modern horror, can you? More axes and knives flying towards the screen?



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