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Myers' Love Guru upsets Hindus

TheLoveGuru.jpgMike Myers' latest appearance with his new character in The Love Guru is gaining some, perhaps not that unexpected, criticism.

A popular Indian news site has called for outraged members of the Hindu faith to speak out about the comedian's new film.

It all seems a little over the top to me, but then I haven't seen the film, only the trailer. Actually to be fair that's all they've seen either and yet they are speaking out about it and trying to incite opinion against the film.

According to LiveNews the site merinews.com has been calling for outraged Hindus to protest against the latest creation from the Canadian comedian.

"With all the ridicule showered at our holy men and women in the film The Love Guru, we should not only brace ourselves against Hollywood comedian Mike Myers, but also assert our rights to not let aliens poke fun at us when we revere our revered ones!'…

…Want the sinister pleasure of enjoying how the 'stupid white comedian' had posed like Indian gods? Then see www.saja.org/vfdetail.html. But, caution: people who are wont to pick up a gun (or trishul!) at the sight of such gross insensitivity should please avoid opening the page!"

Wow, that certainly is strong stuff, but I just don't understand the outburst when all they've seen is the trailer.

I have to say I haven't found the exact article that they're referring to, the closest I found was this one at merinews.com.

Saying that there seems to be a move to try and arrange a screening of the film for Hindu leaders, something which makes a lot of sense, let people see the film first before inciting them to violence - even then don't incite them to violence at all!

Raja Zed, President of the Universal Society of Hinduism, has asked Paramount Pictures to organise a screening for important members of the Hindu community,

"I was deeply concerned after watching the trailer…It appears to be lampooning Hinduism. Hindu terms are also used frivolously. It perpetuates stereotypes of Hindus... I do have an email response from Paramount. But we have to wait and watch."

Now to me that makes much more sense than just leaping up and having a go at it. See the film, and then have an adult discussion about it. In this country there are strict laws about inciting people to violence, even with the laws of free speech, after all, isn't this just a comedy and the best comedy is to parody aspects of real life?

That's something that Mike Myers has done throughout his films, and form various nationalities, why is this so different?



poor Hindus. they get dumped on all the time and all of them i know are absolutely lovely. i'm chuckling on the outside but deep down i kinda feel for them.

i agree that they're going about this maturely. but unfortunately i'm not sure if paramount gives a flying flip about their feelings.

off subject, if this was a movie lampooning scientology, you know the scientologists would be issuing gag orders, barring the movies' release and stomping feet until someone cared.

They'd be doing more than that, they'd be intimidating people, secretly filming them, and all sorts of stuff - I've seen the BBC documentary, and I felt for the reporter that they hounded.

I think they are going about it the right way, but the early comments from the online site are rather inflammatory and worrying. Well done on Zed for approaching it the right way.

You're right though, they'll pay lip service to them and release it anyway. This is all good publicity too.


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