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New Flawless trailer online

DemiMoore.jpgJust over a month ago I posted about the first Flawless trailer, a film about a diamond robbery perpetrated by the janitor of the bank, played by Michael Caine, and the struggling female employee, played by Demi Moore.

Now there's another cut of the trailer online and this looks just as interesting, here though there's more focus on Michael Caine and his voiceover of the story.

Flawless is set in 1960's London and Demi Moore's character is struggling to push her career further in a male dominated company. However the janitor has a great idea for her to get even and for the both of them to get rich, robbing the vault of the diamonds.

However there's more to the Janitor's plan than just taking a few diamonds, and this makes for some interesting twists and turns, making this more than a standard heist.

It certainly looks a strong film, and both Michael Caine and Moore look good and backed by some equally recognisable names, frankly I think Moore is a great actress who is often overlooked and Caine is, well he's Michael Caine. What other great reasons would you want to go and see this for? How about that Michael Radford directed it, the man who directed the beautiful Il Postino?

You can see the new trailer over at MoviesOnline (Flash) - thanks Michael.

A good role for Moore? Something more interesting for her career, or will Caine steal the show?



I think that very likely Michael Caine will steal this show.


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