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Update: New Wanted trailer now in HD

Wanted.jpgThere's a new trailer for Wanted online, and this one seems to dispense with story and just hit the effects and cool sequences of the film, and in a way that works superbly.

However I just wish there was a little more meat to it. We do discover he's been recruited, and that there's some beautiful lady who is training him, watching over him, and sleeping with him, but other than that it's an extended effects reel.

Still, it's a cracking extended effects reel, and those effects do look spectacular. There's also a slew of new images, which you can see over at Latino Review, including shots of a more muscular James McAvoy, a stick thin Angelina Jolie, and some other shots.

I'm still a bit sore that they've gone and changed the main story line so much from the comic, this whole idea about the weavers of time who order this hired hitman squad to kill people in order to keep it going as planned is all a bit twee...I am tempted to add a 'd' on there.

It just feels a little off to me, and I loved the original idea of them all being the anti-heroes who had defeated all the superheroes in some spectacular ways, or just made them forget who they were.

Regardless, the film of Wanted is here and this is the vision of Timur Bekmambetov, Michael Brandt, Derek Haas and Chris Morgan.

Here's the trailer from MyMarketingSpace through Latino Review.

Is this better than before, or do you just feel that the trailer creators are playing on the Director's strength and the qualities he's known for?

Update: The trailer is now in HD and can be found over at IGN, only in one size so far, but it won't be long.



I really hated the first stunt where Angelina Jolie's character scoops him up into the car. I mean, really?? I think she has played too many of these hard-ass, gun -toting female characters that they all blend into one now. I really didn't like the slow motion bullet effects which are getting seriously over-used now, yawn.

I haven't read what this movie was based on but from the trailer all i could tell from the trailer is that Angelina Jolie picks him up on the streets (lucky guy!) and he is a special guy who can curve bullets and they are all part of this hitman secret society. Oh yeah and Jolie gets naked. So i can already see that this film will appeal to a teenage male audience. I don't know it looks harmless enough, but it doesn't really make me want to rush out and watch it.

Maybe it's just me and I like more in a movie trailer rather than cars, gun, some impossible stunts and sexy actors/actresses.

It's not just you Michelle, I feel the same way and I really loved the original and the Night Watch series, yet seeing this trailer doesn't really set me on fire.


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