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New X-Files 2 trailer online

X-Files.jpgThe new X-Files 2 trailer has been bootlegged and put online for all to see, and while the first one that I caught has been removed, there are now copies galore doing the rounds.

It's short and sharp and pretty much to the point, but it really does hit the mark and when that music kicks back in I'm so surprised there wasn't a cheer from the audience because it's a great moment.

Thanks to MoviesOnline for the first YouTube link I saw, which has now disappeared. You can see one I picked out here, and if this goes inactive you can either give me a nudge in the comments to find you another one, or head over to YouTube, search for X-Files 2
trailer, and sort by date, you'll find some in there.

Otherwise, here's the second teaser trailer for X-Files 2, which has been recorded from a screening, and so it's rather rough looking. See what you can get from it.



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