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No more Narnia films?

TheChroniclesofNarniaI_Poster.jpgDisney may be getting an insight into the future as there's an inside source claiming that they, and Walden Media, are considering their options on whether to continue the Narnia series after The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian.

Of course call me cynical, but whenever a film is about to be released that has a proven fan base just waiting, this kind of call to arms will surely increase audience numbers anyway.

There's nothing like the threat of the series you would love to see put in doubt to raise audience numbers, and everyone's at it, even the hugely strong Batman series.

Jim Hill Media through IESB have a story that unless The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian delivers huge box office takings they'll not continue on...although they will produce the next film The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Trader.

Oh, so they will continue the series. It's like a warning shot to fans. We're going to end the series because it's not performing well....okay, we're going to end the series on the next film because it's not performing well...okay, next time we really mean it!

I don't see Prince Caspian doing as well as the first film, primarily because the footage we've seen to date (select the tag for the film at the bottom of the story to see all the trailer articles) isn't that strong and inspiring as the first, plus it suggests a slightly darker vein to it. Then you have to consider that the third film doesn't feature all the original characters, and you can see that there are plenty of obstacles for a fan base to overcome – changes in style, direction, and leads.

I can see that the road ahead for the Narnia series might be rocky, but is it worth going ahead with, and if they are talking already about maybe ending the series, shouldn't they just end it now and not go on with a third?



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