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Norton filming Obama

BarackObama.jpgEdward Norton is going somewhere different from The Incredible Hulk which he has been busy with of late, he's also producing a documentary about Barack Obama and his race for the Presidency of the United States.

Whatever the outcome of the race it would seem that the film will chronicle his entire journey from his 2006 trip to Africa which is apparently before he decided to run for the Presidency.

Edward Norton talked about the film and revealed what made him take notice of Obama.

“We were all so struck by Barack's speech and talked about how exciting it was to see someone from our generation, not our parents', make his presence felt in such an inspiring way...It was akin to the way I remembered my dad describing how he felt when Kennedy gave his inauguration speech.”

The comment comes from Variety through Earth Times and says that other producers on the project are from Borat and Fahrenheit 9/11.

I think the film will enjoy much more success if he wins, but if he loses will it still be as strong?

I actually believe that a documentary on Hilary Clinton would have been much more interesting, particularly because of her higher profile and the public knowledge of her through her husband's Presidency.

The idea of watching her Presidential race with the previous President now playing the role of the supporting husband, would be a really interesting dynamic. However if Barack Obama wins, then his story is going to be very interesting to watch it in retrospect.



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