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The Incredible Hulk trailer preview online

TheIncredibleHulk-TV.jpgI thought we would have to wait a little longer for the trailer for the new Hulk film, The Incredible Hulk, but we're getting to see a few early shots of it thanks to some television adverts that have been released on the internet.

Now while there's not any Hulk footage, there are a couple of moments where we can see Edward Norton with those green contacts in and looking very much like Bill Bixby did in the original television series.

Is this The Incredible Hulk that you want to see?

The trailer comes from YouTube through Coming Soon.

I'm not sure myself, and I'm not sure how to take this teaser. One thing is for sure it has me interested in the main trailer and it hasn't revealed too much. Still, I'm unsure of Edward Norton in the lead role, still it has a strong cast.



are they going for action in the trailer or what?!!!

they're already, with this footage,trying to prove that this isn't the last film, and that the hulk will kick some tail this time.

i dont know, Richard, i think this is looking good, to tell you the truth. I'm liking what i see

Well we don't have long to find out do we? I'm keen to see what this teaser looks like, but I suspect it will be big on tease.


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