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Producer suing Oscars fails

Oscar.jpgBob Yari is one of the six credited producers of Crash, the Oscar winning film from Paul Haggis, but was not mentioned by the Producers Guild of America nor the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences when the film was nominated for awards.

In fact there were a number of producers who weren't, and only two people were credited for the production, and so Yari took the Academy to court.

He claimed that the fact his name wasn't included in the list damaged his reputation, something which I think is pretty obvious. If a film wins awards, or is even just nominated, and your name isn't up there while others around you are, you're sure to be forgotten by some people. The missed exposure could well mean some missed career opportunities later down the line.

Whether the courts agreed or not will never be known because according to Yahoo News the case was heard by the Second District Court of Appeals in America who agreed with a lower courts ruling that a private organisation has the right to make their own decisions with their own awards.

So that means Bob Yari, and the other people not named on Crash (Filmstalker review), must live with it and move on.

Of course I don't know what they could have done other than awarded him some amount of money based on an estimate of work he could have gained from the increased exposure, and who knows how they could have worked that out.

It's not as if they could go back to the show and add his name on and just make everything all right again, is it? Surely those in Hollywood know who is really behind a production though? Surely?

However imagine if he had won, that would have opened up the gates for all the other producers who weren't mentioned to sue, and then everyone who doesn't get a mention when a film is on an awards ceremony. Imagine that, the caterer suing for lost revenue for all the films they were never mentioned on!



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