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Raimi takes over Clancy's Jack Ryan?

SamRaimi.jpgSam Raimi is in negotiations to take over the franchise of the ex-Tom Clancy screen character Jack Ryan, I say "ex" because we heard that the screen character is now owned by the studio and Clancy will have no involvement in the next films.

Sam Raimi though, and not just producing either, I mean directing, and it looks as though he would be directing a series of films too, not just one.

According to the news story, Sam Raimi is only in negotiations at the moment, but Variety are saying it's a pretty strong likelihood and that Raimi would be developing and directing a series of films on the character.

I wonder if he really would sign up to another franchise so soon after Spider-Man? I could see him signing up to a film with the possibility of going on should he want to, but signing up now for an entire series?

It's also quite a change in direction again, although looking past the costumes in Spider-Man you can see there are strong similarities, Jack Ryan is a hero, just not costumed and more real world.

However now that the studio is in charge and there's Tom Clancy involved, and that means changes based on revenue at the box office. So they are looking to make the character younger and take him forward into modern day, so forget the films that happened in the past.

Well, why does it have to be Jack Ryan then? Oh no, next the studio will be saying it's Jack Ryan's son! Actually that's a little unfair, while the studio can go their separate way they have managed to secure first look rights at the latest Clancy novel based on Jack Ryan, so perhaps we'll get a Clancy story after all.

Already we've seen Alec Baldwin, the best choice for the character so far in my eyes, Harrison Ford and the worst choice, Ben Affleck.

What do you think though, Sam Raimi doing a modern day thriller with the Jack Ryan character, typical Tom Clancy stuff, but is it a match for Raimi?



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