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Red Baron English trailer

TheRedBaron_Poster.jpgThere's an English language trailer online for The Red Baron, the film about the famous World War I German fighter pilot who became and Ace and flew a plane that was painted red. In a time when there was much more chivalry and sportsman like behaviour in war.

The trailer looks not bad, although the focus here is much less on the romantic relationship and the actual air combat, and is much more on the dramatic element of the Baron himself.

It's interesting to see just how far away from the first trailer this one is. The romantic and emotional threads were the strongest element of that first trailer, right next to the air combat scenes which looked spectacular.

This trailer for The Red Baron is more cleverly cut to be much more dramatic in tone and to show us that it's really about the Baron, indeed he seems to be much more intense and driven than the character from the first trailer. These could almost be different films entirely.

Here's the trailer from Twitch:



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