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Red Baron trailer

TheRedBaron_Poster.jpgThe trailer for the film The Red Baron has arrived, although it's the German dubbed version for the moment, the film still looks interesting with the flying sequences looking stunningly real.

The film stars Matthias Schweighöfer, Til Schweiger, Lena Headey and Joseph Fiennes and tells the story of Baron Manfred von Richthofen, the most feared pilot of the German air force during World War I.

To him and his friends being a fighter pilot is something to be proud of, and they carry great honour for each other and their enemies. However he falls in love with a nurse and begins to have his eyes opened to the propaganda around him and how he is being used in the war. Soon he finds that his previous love for the war has gone, but he's torn between his honour and duty, and his new love and beliefs.

The Red Baron sounds interesting, although I am concerned that there's a lot more romantic moments than actual concentration on the Red Baron and his exploits. I wonder if this is going to turn away from the factual knowledge of his air exploits and turn into a simple love story?

We shall see, perhaps the English language trailer will reveal a little more. For now the trailer can be seen over at TrailerJunkie [QT:L:Stream] through Blade82 and Movie-List Forums.



This looks great though I agree, i'm suspicious about the mush. I was always working on the understanding that Richthofen was a cold steely eyes killer, not atp to getting all moist around the ladies!

The aerial scenes look brilliant and it makes me yearn all the more for someone to remake 'The Battle Of Britain' How darned cool would that be with 21st century technology replacing all those balsa wood Spit's and Hurricanes and the same burning Heinkel scene going down for the tenth time!

Remake Battle of Britain? Oh I don't know about that, they'd have to be really careful there as the original is fantastic.

Could they really gather that amount of talent together again, and could they keep away from changing history for the sake of the film? That's something that happens all too often too.

Well they're doing Dambusters at the moment, so I guess it is possible, they just need to get the tone and the story just right. That means no messing with history and keeping it as authentic as possible.

You're right though, imagine those kind of dogfight scenes for WWII dogfights.

You're right about the original being a cracker. Maybe some sort of anniversary would be the right time to attempt it though as you say, gathering such significant talent together as was assembled for the original would be tricky. Jason Statham as a cocky Sergeant pilot? Maybe not! Can't help but dream about those potential aerial sequences though.

I've not heard anything about the Dambusters remake in an age. Last rumour had Mel Gibson in the seat of Guy Gibson. Wonder what his dog will be re-named as? Recent TV showings of the original have (not unreasonably) rendered it nameless!

Have you seen the VFX reel for the Red Baron? All combat and zero smooch. Looks amazing! Check it here...

Wow, quite simply wow. Great find Captain Black.

Now that type of thing on the epic dogfights of Battle of Britain would make for some amazing sequences.

I think all bets are off on the casting of the Dambusters film. It's very quite right now but it was still going ahead.

The mush is to get the girlies interested in the movie. Actually the Red Baron shot at the pilots head; it was blood sport. Most times he encouraged everyone to 'flame' the machine as it instilled fear in the enemy. 'Go up there and kill or be killed' he told new pilots. He would always fly in kette formation, with lots of pilots covering his tail. Kills became routine. Unfortunately for him he got hit by a bullet, and this wound may have affected his judgement. He broke his own rules and flew too low over allied lines, becoming confused by the extent of the German advance, and got shot by an Aussie soldier.


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