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Reeves says no Constantine 2

KeanuReeves.jpgKeanu Reeves has announced that he's just not interested in doing another Constantine film anymore, he maybe was once, but not any more.

Personally I wonder what's changed, especially since he was so willing to do the sequels to Matrix which were much less than the original.

It does sound a little odd when Constantine (Filmstalker review) is such a clever and strong on screen character, unlike so many other comic characters adapted for the big screen, and unlike so many films that Keanu Reeves has starred in for that matter.

What's even odder is that Francis Lawrence, the director of Constantine, has gone onto such bigger and better things with I Am Legend (Filmstalker review), and with him talking positively about another script you would think there would be a lot of interest, after all he's not really going to make a mess of it is he?

It seems though he'd rather not revisit any character in film. Over at IESB through Jo Blo they say that Reeves said that there are no characters that he's played that he would like to revisit.

So that's no Matrix, Speed or Bill and Ted sequels...thank the lord on all counts.



No more Bill & Ted? But there were so many unanswered questions! :(

It's kinda crap about Constantine, but I see two reasons not to fret:

1- Celebs are fickle [rude word removed - Richard]. He's not interested this week. Who knows what he'll decide next. This is what, the third or fourth different comment he's made on it? At the end of the day, KR will want to get paid. He'll do it, if asked, I think.

2- Maybe we'll get a proper reboot. I loved Constantine (minus the sidekick), but they really softened him up and Americanised him. Maybe we'll get our Sting-clone Constantine from the books and a bit more moral ambiguity. Then again, not likely... I wonder if fans of the film would even like the real character. Would you?

Of course, maybe C2 will just never happen. Perhaps he (Reeves) saw how shit the Matrix sequels were and all the trash talking that came with them and decided he doesn't want that to happen to Constantine. It doesn't help that so many critics wanted to cast the film as a supernatural Matrix wannabe. Stupid critics... oh, except you of course. :D


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