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Robocop remake?

RoboCop.jpgHow could they be doing this? Hollywood is remaking everything right now, be it foreign, classic, old, new, whatever, it's getting remade, and the latest seems to be Robocop.

Yes, it's hard to believe that this film even needs a remake, but apparently it does, and MGM have announced their intention to remake it.

RoboCop is a classic film from 1987 that shows off that great aspect of Paul Verhoeven and Edward Neumeier's styles where the films take a serious pop at modern life and deliver some really strong insightful commentary on today's society, and yet they still deliver action and great entertainment.

So why does RoboCop need a remake? Well it doesn't, what MGM see is hard cash on an existing franchise, minimal investment perhaps, a strong fan base definitely, and...well I can't think of anything even representing something near a decent reason for doing it.

The announcement from MGM comes through AICN and although we've heard about all the other film projects and I've written about them on Filmstalker, there's one that is a new name, The Outer Limits.

An Outer Limits film? Well I was surprised at how good the series was when I reviewed the first series on DVD and that was superb, so what could a film hold for us?



that would be one of the besat remakes anyone has done i have seen a hole lot worst


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