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Rumsfield rumours for Bush film

TommyLeeJones.jpgNow there are even more rumours coming out for the casting of Oliver Stone's George W. Bush film, W., and these feel a little more stretched than the other casting stories to date, but they are still weighty names.

According to rumour, another two names are about to be cast, Karl Rove and Donald Rumsfield.

Once again the casting is strong, but I'm not so sure these are both as interesting fits as the casting we've heard to date, the last name and character match definitely is.

Paul Giamatti for Karl Rove and Tommy Lee Jones as Donald Rumsfield.

If this rumour from New York Magazine, through Rope of Silicon with a little Hollywood Elsewhere thrown in, is true then this cast is just going from strength to strength. Of course they are only in rumour at the moment, and there's nothing to say they are really in negotiations yet, but it's a good rumour none the less.

It would seem that Hollywood is eager to take on the roles of the Bush team and to portray them in film, even if the film itself isn't going to be that positive or complimentary, something I realised when I wrote about the new plot outline the other day.



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