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See Shine a Light with The Rolling Stones

ShineaLight.jpgHere's a unique opportunity for the new Martin Scorsese documentary of The Rolling Stones in concert. The film will premiere across the UK on Wednesday the 2nd of April by satellite, and you can get tickets to one of the special screenings of the premiere.

Scorsese and The Rolling Stones themselves will be attending the premiere in London's Leicester Square, and you could be watching them live.

I'm not currently sure just how much of the event you'll get to see as all the press material is talking about the film and the event, but there could be the chance to see the stars arriving and perhaps the chance of an appearance before or after the screening. Often at these events there's a Q&A session too, so here's hoping.

To get your chance of grabbing some tickets, just head over to the official site and sign up for the premiere tickets.

In the meantime, here's the trailer for a taste of the film:

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Anybody know exactly which theaters are going to be screening the picture?

I can try and find out for you James.

That'd be great Richard, although I doubt they'd have a screening in Ireland. :(

Just had word back. They don't know which cinemas as yet but I'm promised that info as soon as they have it.

Tickets on sale now James.

Head over to the offical site - £12.50 with the official T-Shirt.

Just booked my tickets. Thanks Richard!

No problem. I've been offered some passes and I might just go.

Scorsese + The Stones = something not to be disliked! I say go...


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