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Serkis talks Tintin

AndySerkis.jpgAndy Serkis has been revealing the smallest of nuggets of the upcoming Tintin films, which will see two of the three being directed by Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson.

He reveals little about the films themselves, but does tell us that filming on the first is to begin in September and he reveals who's directing the first episode as well as which part he's playing, although that's hardly a surprise.

It seems that Andy Serkis has revealed who will be heading up the films as he said that Steven Spielberg is directing the first Tintin film with Peter Jackson doing the second, at the moment there's no word on who will be filming the third.

He also tells us, through an intereview in Indie London through MarketSaw that he will be playing Captain Haddock, not a larger than life creature. Thank the lord for that, some real character acting form Serkis, although if you want to see that I'd more than heartily recommend Sugarhouse (Filmstalker review).

I think he's a good match for the role, but I wonder who will be playing the others, and specifically who will play Tintin himself?



i was exposed to tin tin only by the HBO animated series, but it seemed to have a fair bit of integrity to it, and was for all ages, not just little kids.

i'm sure the movie will end up being one of those "must see" flicks for me.


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