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Shankland from Waz to The Day

WAZ.jpgTom Shankland, the writer and director of the superbly dark and scary thriller Waz, starring the excellent Stellan Skarsgård and Melissa George, has signed up to direct a script by Paul Andrew Williams, the write of The Cottage, called The Day.

The film is about a family trip that goes dreadfully wrong and seems to be down to some malicious children who come from the woods.

Now to me there's a big reference to Ils (Them) (Filmstalker review) there, but then it is the barest of plot outlines for The Day so anything is possible from that.

According to Shock Till You Drop through Coming Soon Rachel Shelley, Stephen Campbell Moore, Eva Birthistle, Eva Sayer and Jeremy Sheffield are all set to star in the film which will be produced by some of the names behind Waz (Filmstalker review).

The writing and direction on Waz was great, and although the story stumbled a little and lost power near the end, it was a strong one and a very well shot film. It'll be interesting to see what Tom Shankland can deliver on this film, and to find out what the writer/director of The Cottage has up his sleeve next.



Tom Shankland is the writer and director of The Day but the writer of Waz is Clive Bradley, not Tom.

You're spot on there ER - my apologies to Tom and Clive.


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