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Singer is on Superman

SupermanReturns_Poster.jpgWhen all the Internet sites started going mad for the rumour that Bryan Singer and Brandon Routh were off Superman: Man of Steel I seriously wondered what they were on about, the reasons they were using to build this debate were complete conjecture and obviously misquoted, but the rumour held and the rumour spread like a forest fire.

At the time I said it was rubbish, and the first half seems to be holding out. Bryan Singer is on the project.

At least, according to rumour...once again. Back in January the rumour came out that he was going to be back in the film, and today that rumour has resurfaced, so with two sources it's now pretty clear that it was rubbish that Bryan Singer was leaving the series, and the original quote that lead to this rumour was really misinterpreted.

With Singer on board I'm almost certain we'll have an announcement about Brandon Routh being there too, because like the Singer rumour I think that's a case of misunderstanding and rumour mongering too.

The rumour from IESB also has word that the writers are changing, the previous Superman writers are out and the Transformers (Filmstalker review) writers are in...oh now that may be a problem I would say, now we're heading for an all action Superman and nothing else.

Superman Returns (Filmstalker review) wasn't the great hit that people expected, but I thought it was good. However the focus seems to be on the emotional side of the film which the studio believe is the negative aspect. I'm not so sure, have the watched the original Superman films? They are filled with that emotional and relationship angle, that's what it's mostly about.

The bad aspect was the Superman son angle, that was daft and I feel really hurt the film. I think that knocking out that relationship and emotional aspect from a sequel is going to hurt it more than if they just got rid of that son storyline, something that is difficult to do now that he's in.



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