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Sin-Jin Smyth never completed?

Sin-JinSmyth.jpgI'm really confused. I remember getting excited about the film Sin-Jin Smyth written and directed by Ethan Dettenmaier. In September of 2006 I even wrote about the story that screenings were getting standing ovations and the writer/director Ethan Dettenmaier was talking of a sequel.

Well now there's a story out that the film was never completed and the rest of it is to be scrapped.

Sin-Jin Smyth was written and directed by Ethan Dettenmaier, and here's what I wrote up about the plot before:

Every Halloween at midnight, The Devil simultaneously appears in two places...the high plains of India, and a quiet cemetery in Kansas. On November 2nd, 'The Day of the Dead', two Federal Marshals report to the small town of Shin Bone, Kansas (moments before a tornado warning) to transport a prisoner with no past and no identity. He is known simply as...SIN-JIN SMYTH!

Dettenmaier was also talking about the sequel and just what it might include:

"There is a lot of pressure to do a sequel and we have an outline for it that takes place during a nuclear winter with United States in a modern-day Civil War"

Then there was the fact that Roddy Piper (yes the Rowdy one from They Live), Richard Tyson, Jonathan Davis and Jeff Conaway were set to star, not to mention a female wrestler Jacqueline Moore and the famous porn star Jenna Jameson, and you have a pretty interesting low budget film.

However, despite all this news FearNet through JoBlo are telling us that it never made it to a reality, despite all this previous news. Eileen Detz, who also starred in the film, revealed a few reasons why it'll never get made, but left a lot more unanswered questions:

“That's never going to come out, a film that half the world knows about. Just through circumstances and money and Roddy got really sick. And um, that movie is never going to be finished. It's funny cause they did a trailer to show to people and they did my scene and in that one I just played a receptionist in a prison, where Sin-Jin was put into prison. It's a real small scene but it's kind of remarkable I guess a lot of people put it that way, but I'm afraid that movie is never gonna come out. Too much water under that bridge.”

JoBlo even directs us to the teaser trailer that was released over at Snap Kick Productions [QT:Embed:H].

This is a real shame because it did sound like an interesting project, but sometimes these things happen and some films just never get made.

"I've come here to kick ass and chew bubblegum...and I'm all out of bubblegum."

...and film too.



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