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Sky pays for British classics in HD

MichaelCaine.jpgThe satellite broadcaster Sky has recently been promoting its HD offerings with rather a hard sell, and now they're looking to invest in making the content too, but not new films, Sky is providing funds to ensure that classic British films are transferred into HD.

Among the classic films involved are Zulu and The Italian Job.

The announcement doesn't tell us what other films are scheduled for the treatment, but it does say that Sky will invest in remastering more classic films to maintain culturally important films in the best possible format.

Unfortunately it isn't entirely clear what will happen with the deal, if it will speed up the transfer of other British films to HD, or if it's solely for these two Michael Caine classic films in time for his seventy fifth birthday. Hopefully though it will mean there will be a lot more classic British films heading to HD.

The Guardian carried a comment from Michael Caine regarding the move:

"I love HD ... of course, it's very unforgiving, especially on young beautiful ladies, but thank God I'm old, I don't care."

I love that, he still sounds like one of the blocks you'd chat to down the pub. However it is a shame that the classics that are receiving this treatment are really being decided on commercial decisions. Who knows what other films will get the treatment and ensure their longevity. I know I have a list of classic British films that I'd like to see upscaled and protected, and Zulu is definitely one of them, although the credits belong more to Stanley Baker than Caine.



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