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Stalked: Carrey on comedy, Beyonce on drama

JimCarrey.jpgWhile one career goes up, the other continues down, or at the most keeps an even keel.

Jim Carrey is hitting another comedy and ignoring his stronger acting ability, while Beyoncé Knowles is heading towards non singing and rather serious sounding thriller.

For Jim Carrey this is a bad move in my eyes, his comedy hasn't been doing well, and yet his more dramatic side has been showing a lot more promise. Since Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind I've been excited about his dramatic acting, and even The Number 23 (Filmstalker review) showed us that he has bags of talent, just the story let him down there.

Yet time and time again he returns to comedy, and produces a flat film with the same rubberised and over exaggerated performance time and time again. I really wish he would let go of the comedy and put his heart into more dramatic roles, particularly darker ones which he has shown a real flair for.

Variety tell us that he's joining the Jason Reitman directed Pierre Pierre which is billed as a politically incorrect story that tells of a self-indulgent French nihilist who reports a stolen painting. Pardon me? Sounds awful. Wake me up when it's all over.

BeyonceKnowles.jpgMeanwhile Beyoncé Knowles is heading away from her singing roles and taking up more serious ones. Variety tells us that she's joining a film called Obsessed, the story of a successful asset manager with a gorgeous wife who is stalked by a temporary office worker.

No singing in there it sounds like. What's more is that the film also stars Idris Elba as the asset manager, Beyoncé is playing his wife, and Ali Larter as the stalker.

Oh my lord. My story would be slightly different...I'd be torn between my wife and the stalker! Beyoncé or Larter, Beyoncé or Larter...?

Joking aside this is a strong move for her and signifies that she's not just after musical acting roles. She's looking for more serious and heavier parts.



Byonce is pregnant and looks like she is a happy one.


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