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Stalked: Def as Chuck Berry, Hanks leaves Farenheit 451

Mos Def is to play Chuck Berry in Cadillac Records...

Tom Hanks has pulled out of Farenheit 451...

Tom Hanks has pulled out of Frank Darabont's Farenheit 451 due to scheduling issues, something that Darabont says is sad, but it couldn't be helped. The story comes from MTV through /Film. While that might be sad news to some I think it opens up the field quite well, Hanks does tend to play the same character quite a lot and seeing another actor getting the chance might open up the film a little.

According to The Hollywood Reporter Mos Def will play the iconic role of Chuck Berry in Cadillac Records, a film about the founding of Chess Records, a label that gave rise to a number of great stars. Adrien Brody plays Leonard Chess, Jeffrey Wright plays Muddy Waters, and Beyoncé Knowles plays Etta James.



f 451 being remade is music to the ears of a Bradbury fan who's sick and tired of people thinking i'm talking about a michael moore flick every time i bring up said novel.

I'm glad Hanks is out of this one. i think someone else would work much much better.

Yeah, I didn't think Hanks felt right for this role at all. Although saying that he's proven me wrong before.

It's just that Hanks is always Hanks.


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