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Stalked: Henstridge, Butler and Baruchel, Zahn and Ninja Chou

Another quick round up of some stories round the web that might be of interest.

Henstridge joins racism film...

Butler, Baruchel, Ferrara join Dragon training...

Zahn joins Twohy's Perfect Getaway...

Chou is Ninja in Wachowski film…

Henstridge joins racism film...
NatashaHenstridge.jpgThe stunning actress Natasha Henstridge is joining the film Anytown from Dave Rodriguez which looks at a racist attack on an Indian-American student which is videoed by the attackers, and the affects on everyone after the event. Henstridge will play a news anchor.

I wonder if the video gets released on the internet or to the media and the media begin to question their role in hyping up and increasing the public feeling? According to The Hollywood Reporter she is forced to examine her and the media's role in fuelling hate crimes since the Twin Towers attacks. It does sound rather interesting and could deliver a strong message.

Matt O'Leary, Marshall Allman, Jonathan Halyalkar and Paul Ben-Victor also star.

Butler, Baruchel, Ferrara join Dragon training...
Jay Baruchel, Gerard Butler, America Ferrera, Jonah Hill and Christopher Mintz-Plasse are to voice characters in an upcoming DreamWorks 3D CGI film entitled How to Train Your Dragon which is based on the children's novel by Cressida Cowell. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the story follows the shy son of a Viking chief who must capture and train a dragon in order to be initiated into his tribe.

Baruchel plays the son, Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the Third, Butler is the father and chief of the tribe called Stoick the Vast, and Ferrera plays Astrid who teams up with Hiccup. Hill will play Snotlout, a bully who thinks he should be the next chief, and Mintz-Plasse portrays Fishlegs, a rather large but simple Viking.

Zahn joins Twohy's Perfect Getaway...
Steve Zahn has joined A Perfect Getaway, an action film from writer-director David Twohy. Timothy Olyphant is already onboard. According to The Hollywood Reporter the story is about two honeymooners in Hawaii who run into two hikers who turn out to be vicious killers. Unsurprisingly Olyphant is to play one of the killers with Zahn one of the honeymooners.

Chou is Ninja in Wachowski film…
Collin Chou is to star as one of the four leads in the next Wachowski film, Ninja Assassin. Hold on though, the Wachowski's aren't directing, they're producing according to SciFi Wire. Apparently James McTeigue is set to direct. Chou joining Rain aka Jung Ji-hoon, the Korean singer, who is also taking one of the lead roles in the film.



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