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Stalked: Prince of Persia, Iron Man Star Wars poster and CJ7 footage

Prince of Persia: Sands of Time is on and heading to film in Morocco, a gorgeous country, Iron Man has a new poster that just oozes Star Wars, and there's some extended footage online for Stephen Chows CJ7.

Mike Newell is taking Prince of Persia: Sands of Time to Morocco for filming, which fits perfectly in my eyes. The film is the adaptation of the videogame of the same name and comes from the Sands of Time episode of the game. Jeffrey Nachmanoff, who previously wrote The Day After Tomorrow, wrote the script, so expect lots of action. The story comes from Variety.

IronMan_FinalPoster.jpgIronMan_FinalPoster2.jpgThere's a new poster online for Iron Man, and while I don't normally carry posters, this one is a cracker. Cinema Blend have the full size poster for you to see, and what strikes me is just how much it looks like a Star Wars poster - all the characters, the main character on the left, and the flying objects in the corner which even carry a slight look of a light saber! Oh it does look bold, and this really does give the idea that we're going to be seeing an epic film that is most definitely being pitched for sequels.

There's some extended footage of Stephen Chow's CJ7 online, and I have to admit I could hardly see anything as my home PC is calibrated for photography and has realistic black levels, and with this darkened trailer I made out what might be a flying saucer and a television set, so it could be the scene on the rubbish tip. See if you can tell, you can see the trailer over at TeaserTrailer.

Update: Thanks to Mace in the comments, here's a second epic style Iron Man poster.



the Iron Man looks bad

the first trailer for Famke Janssen's Turn the River is now online http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ROzg2o0G9fs

Another ones turned up, kind of similar to the first one - dont think its a photoshop job though, if it is its blehdy brill!? http://www.britfilms.tv/v3/user_files/Image/IronManNewPoster2.jpg

That's a bit of a corker too, although I still prefer the first one.

Tariq, the promotional link belongs in the email I have from you waiting to get written up or on Filmstalker Readers. Don't worry I'll have a look at it over the weekend and see if there's something to write up.

ok i'm sorry just wasn't sure i sent it to the correct address.

That's okay Tariq - the story is now online.

Love, love, love the iron Man poster!!!!


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