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Stalked: Terminator 4, Max Payne, Rosemary's Baby

Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins gets a title change...

The remake of Rosemary's Baby is to be produced by Michael Bay, if the talks go okay...

Mila Kunis joins Max Payne...

Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins is undergoing a name change, thank the lord. So far there's no word on where it's going with the title, but it could be a good sign...for the title at least. There's no real story here, but maybe we'll get a better title, like Terminator 4, or Terminator IV. The news comes from Coming Soon through Cinema Blend. What do you think the title should be?

Earlier this month we found out that Michael Bay was in talks to produce a remake of the classic Rosemary's Baby through his company Platinum Dunes, now the word is that they are officially in negotiations to do so. From Hollywood Reporter through Latino Review.

Mila Kunis joins Mark Wahlberg in the film adaptation of Max Payne directed by John Moore The Omen remake director. The news comes from Variety. Meanwhile Dark Zero through Rope of Silicon have a photo of Mark Wahlberg on set as the noir detective. Frankly I hope they get this right because if they can get it done right and keep that noir feeling and the violence level then it might be great, but there's talk of the violence being heavily toned down.



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