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Suspiria remake writer talks

suspiria.jpgWe knew last year that the classic Dario Argento film suspiria was being remade, but now we hear some possibly positive news on the remake in the form of the writer and director.

David Gordon Green who made Undertow and Snow Angels, has written the film and could well be helming it too, so that takes some of the worry away from the original story.

You'll remember that back in May last year I carried the outline of the remake idea for Dario Argento's classic film suspiria:

"'Suspiria' has a unique style that we want to reinvent for today's generation...We intend to create a concept that will encompass cinema, videogames, fashion and music and that revives the original for those who did not experience it.

Yeah, that made me think it was going to be completely rubbish. Now though the news comes from MTV Movies Blog through Empire that David Gordon Green is set to remake it, and that has some hope.

"It doesn't make a lick of sense…But it's wicked. I love it, plot holes and everything...Suspiria is a classic for me…I want to be scared. I want to be afraid."

He's an interesting choice, much more thought provoking than the original blurb for the film made me think, and then he goes and opens his mouth and reveals that he wants to…

"…get every geek that loves torture porn and every old lady in line to see 'Phantom of the Opera' to come and have this insane experience."

The fact that he's talking about and perpetuating the torture porn moniker is annoying enough, but saying that he's trying to get this mix of people together in a horror makes no sense whatsoever. I certainly don't get it.

The original film follows an American student as she arrives in Germany to attend a dance school, however she finds that the school has a much darker purpose than originally thought, and is a front for a coven of witches - wooo, no good will come from that.

These aren't witches in the form of modern day "horror-lite" films, but are actually pretty nasty witches, and the story carries bags of style and tension as well as outright horror. It does scare, even if the story is rather bumpy.

However, to be fair he wins me back with his following comment, something that I think Argento fans might reassuring when considering a remake of his classic suspiria:

"It's an opportunity to take all artistic excellence and be inspired by what was a low budget Italian 70's gore movie…Where the art world meets the violent and supernatural."

That does sound interesting, but I'm really not sure how he's going to pull it off, or how any Director is, and how they are going to stop it falling down the usual Hollywood horror route.



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