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Terminator 4 changes again?

Terminator.jpgI'm really confused about Terminator 4, formerly Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins, because they are talking about changes to the plot once again, and it seems that the plot has been leaping around ever since the producers first talked about it.

Now the story seems to be about the relationship between John Connor and Kyle Reese, and yet the direction we've been given before has been at odds with this. I wonder if they really know where they're going?

Perhaps that's why we're seeing the rumour that they're looking for a new writer and that Paul Haggis may come on board to sort it all out.

Before, with all the Terminator 4 stories we've heard, the message was really confusing.

Originally the producers said that this story wouldn't concentrate on John Connor and that it would be a brand new hero, but then we heard Christian Bale was cast as John Connor – so why would we be on another new character when there's a top rate actor in the role of Connor?

Then we heard that the new character was going to be Marcus, a man that awakes after being asleep through the nuclear war – what?! Boy did that sound wrong already, and I immediately thought that he was going to be the twist that they talked about, a Terminator hidden among the humans. (I'll skip the one about Terminators using human brains!)

We also heard that the character of Marcus was replacing Arnie's Terminator character from the previous films, so it seems that was confirmed.

Next up was that Kyle Reese was coming back into the story, as John Connor's best friend and his future father. Now that's interesting, because if the focus wasn't Connor why are they bringing Reese back? After all they don't seem that concerned with story continuity.

Now we're being told that the story is going to be looking at the relationship between Reese and Connor and that Connor will be the central theme of the story.

What the hell is going on? Why are they chopping and changing the story so much? Is it because they're testing the story ideas on the fans out here on the Interflab and seeing what the fans like and don't like, or are they really unsure and changing direction and announcing it as they come up with the ideas?

Cinema Blend have a source saying that the focus is Connor and Reese in a storyline much like the newer Star Wars films, great, that sounds promising – that's sarcasm by the way. The idea is that Connor will be friends with Reese, realising that he's going to be his father in the past but with Reese having no idea.

They also reveal that the film is going to try and tie in the television series with the films and will show the early evolution of the Terminators.

Then Rope of Silicon have McG talking about the film that continually changes the plot and doesn't reveal that much, just that he's keen to keep the previous mythology going.

“Naturally, the first three pictures were contemporary with Terminators coming back from the future and this picture does indeed take place 10 years from now. That's the new beginning. It's reminiscent and very much honors the mythology and I've listened very diligently to James Cameron and for that matter Jonathan Mostow, and we're going to respect that mythology, but begin again very much in the spirit of what [Christopher] Nolan did with Batman.”

Okay, this is crazy, they really are all over the shop with this one.



Out of curiosity Rich, have you seen the Sarah Connor Chronicles?

Oh yeah, I've been watching it on Freeview over here.

It's a little rough around the edges and keeps everything as small scale as possible, but I'm enjoying what it's doing with the story and Lena Headey is really good, and lovely to watch!

Summer Glau however is not a good Terminator for me though, she just doesn't project the right image, although I do like the slow humanising they're doing with the character.

You enjoying it?

This is crazy, and I'm getting confused. They must have a story ready, because aren't they supposed to be filming soon, or already started filming?!

This production goes from good news to bad news, good news to bad...

Yea, I'm pretty happy with it. I was almost watching each episode expecting them to screw up but it has held up quite well, ends a bit abrupt though.


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