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Terror Train remake trailer online

Train.jpgThe trailer has arrived for the remake of Terror Train, the horror starring Jamie Lee Curtis, has arrived and it isn't that great, or rather it's hard to see much of it other than short cuts of what looks like Hostel type torture and...well...other flashes of stuff.

Not only have they cut off the first half of the title to simply call it Train, but they've also closely shredded the trailer, and it's hard to gleam much from it other than the reason that they board the train.

There are definitely glimpses of terror and torture in there, but can anyone gleam much more than that? Oh there are a few shots of Thora Birch looking terrified, or rather concerned, and that's your lot.

Have a look and see what you think at Train.

HorrorMovies.ca put me on the trail when they first discovered the trailer on YouTube, but it was quickly removed and then duplicated elsewhere. Good find guys.



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