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Tintin cast?

ThomasSangster.jpgCould Tintin have been cast? Seems so according to a UK daily paper, and it's going to be seventeen year old Thomas Sangster.

Who you might ask? Well I remember him most for his heart warming performance in Love Actually, which I did love, actually.

Thomas Sangster also appeared in Nanny McPhee, but I avoided that like the plague. He's a good look for the character though, and according to The Daily Mail through Coming Soon he's already been to Los Angeles for tests as Tintin with both Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson.

So it looks like it's already decided, and I can't think of a better actor, can you? Is this your Tintin?



He was also in a Doctor Who 2-part episode, Human Nature/Family of Blood and when I first saw him and couldnt place where else I might have seen him in, I then remembered that he was that kid in Love Actually, my, how he's grown!


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