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Tony Leung defends Tang Wei

TonyLeung.jpgThe other day I wrote about how the actress Tang Wei was being blacklisted across China, right down to commercials in printed publications. It's all down to her appearance in Ang Lee's Lust, Caution where she played a rather erotic role and also that of a traitor.

Now the male lead, Tony Leung, who is facing no such blacklisting, is speaking out publicly in her defence, just as he wins Best Actor for the role at the Asian Film Awards.

You have to laugh at all the dichotomies in those statements too. Tony Leung is not being affected, and he's just won an Asian Film Award for his performance in Lust, Caution (Se, jie) according to Yahoo News.

Unfortunately Tang Wei missed out on the award which went to Jeon Do-yeon for Secret Sunshine (Milyang), hopefully this wasn't due to China's State Administration of Radio Film and Television carpet banning of her name and appearance.

Good on Leung though, although he's still trying to tread softly with his comments, he has spoken out about the blacklisting.

"I think the (Chinese) film authority understands an actor's place…Our work is only to express our roles and I don't think that an actor should be blacklisted because of this…

…If a film has problems, then the whole (film production) crew should have a responsibility. We are a team and not an individual, and I'm a part of this team…"

Now that really has impressed me, and it'll be interesting to see what SARFTA do now in response. Probably nothing and they'll continue to target poor Wei. Is it really her fault, and should she be taking the brunt of the authorities anger for the film?



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