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Trejo says Machete still on

Machete.jpgDanny Trejo has been talking about the much hyped Machete, a film that hasn't been made yet and was inspired from the response for one of the fake trailers made for the Grindhouse feature.

He says that Robert Rodriguez is in fact directing the film and that it's intended to be a trilogy.

Now I do think this is over optimistic, but then would you argue with Danny Trejo?

In a comment to Bloody Disgusting he reveals that Robert Rodriguez is still working on the film version of Machete and that he'll direct and produce, just as soon as he has his current project completed.

What's most interesting about his comments though is what he says about the plans at the studio for Machete. He says that Dimension films are looking at turning the film into a trilogy.

All this from a fake trailer? Well that is something. Saying that the trailer did look good, and Trejo playing this anti-hero might just pull off something really fun. Still, three films already?

I can't help but think that this is just the studio talking about securing everyone for the obligatory three films just in case the first is a big success, but then why not bank on it? There's a huge rise of opinion out there for it.



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