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Tron in 3D?

Tron.jpgWhile reading about the Pirates of the Caribbean 4 rumours the titbit slipped in that the Disney revisitation of Tron will be in 3D.

Now while I get all excited at the prospect of a modern day Tron film, the idea of it being in 3D disappoints me. It still strikes me that 3D is gimmicky and is liable just to result in scenes of objects flying towards the camera.

I do think that 3D is going to become more viable in mainstream cinema and less gimmicky, we can see that happening already, but moreso than just a studio drive or fad. Yet still I can't see it becoming a mainstream cinema addition, and I'm still not a fan.

I feel that it takes you outside the story, and it takes you to the same place as watching a big effects film with little plot, it's all about the 3D, and where is that in the dynamics of a plot rich story? It's always an addition and not the driver.

So I do think that the rumour from AICN through Moviehole Tron in 3D would look great, but the concentration has to be on the story, as it was with the original, so that we're more interested in the characters and everything else adds to the film.

Of course there's the question of whether Tron should be remade at all...



Tron in 3d, Fantastic! 3d is the future and I'm glad to see more film being made in the format! i love it!

Check the date, March 1st 2008. That's when we knew it was going to be in full 3D, well over here anyway.


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