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Two Speed Racer international trailers online

SpeedRacer-Car.jpgYes there are two brand new trailers for Speed Racer online, international ones at that so that usually means a little more plot and less action. However looking at this trailer I'd say the opposite is true, there appears to be more action shown, and that's really not a bad thing.

Speed Racer is the new film from the Wachowski Brothers which takes the comic and cartoon series to live action and the big screen. It tells the story of a young man who is determined to win The Crucible, a futuristic cross-country rally race in which his brother previously competed and died.

Behind him are his family who help him race and built his stylish and gadget filled car, Mach 5. However as he attains success the owner of a big company makes Speed a fantastic offer and when he refuses, the owner throws the might of his company behind trying to stop him.

You see the company has been fixing the races and cheating in order to maximise profit - sound like Formula 1 and Ferrari here anyone? With the odds stacked against him, and the partnership of his former rival Racer X beside him, he sets out to win the race and expose the corruption behind it.

Sounds exciting, and the first trailer we saw online for Speed Racer looking fantastic, especially as it was in HD too. The style of the film looks like a comic, and the effects look wonderful. The Wachowski's might well be back and firing on all four hundred cylinders.

Now the two international trailers, which aren't that far apart in content, give us a lot more feel for the action and the style of the film than the previous. I have to say that I could feel the excitement building as I watched the trailers.

International Trailer 1: Quicktime: High, Medium
International Trailer 2: Quicktime: High, Medium

You can head over to Coming Soon to see them in Low formats as well as Windows Media Player.

Here's the previous trailer in HD:

Speed Racer trailer in 480p, 720p and 1080p



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