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Vaughn directing Millar's Kick-Ass?

Kick-Ass.jpgA little while ago it was announced that Matthew Vaughn was to be co-writing the screenplay for the comic series Kick-Ass by Mark Millar, the man responsible for the excellent comic Wanted, and John Romita Jr., and now there's a rumour that Matthew Vaughn will also be directing.

Well Millar has spoken about that rumour and said next to nothing about it with a very vague statement, a statement which suggests it isn't Vaughn.

"I can't confirm or deny any director at this stage. Sure, Matthew and I are friends and I think Layer Cake and Stardust tie with 28 Days Later as the best British films of this decade so having him onboard would be amazing. But at this stage I can't even give you a little wink, except to say that the director is already in place and we're looking to rapidly go into production once we're finished a polish on the final script next month. Some casting has already been worked out too, but I can say nothing beyond this annoyingly vague statement."

The comment comes from Newsarama through Superhero Hype and reading it I think that it might suggest that Matthew Vaughn is not the director of the film. I mean if he was wouldn't they just say it or deny it, but the way that Mark Millar talks here he makes it sound like there's another director on board and they can't say.

Personally I think Vaughn would be a great choice for the film, but I'm more interested in seeing how his Wanted turns out with all the plot changes to the film. I wonder if because Millar and Vaughn are working on the script that we'll see something more akin to the original story this time.



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