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Watts talks The Birds remake

TheBirds_Poster.jpgI still can't believe that there's actually going to be a remake of The Birds, but Naomi Watts is still running with it and has commented on the film that is definitely still going ahead.

How anyone can be considering a remake of this film I don't know, even if it wasn't Alfred Hitchcock's best, it remains a classic and a big point in his career and the history of cinema.

I have to have something positive to say about it though, and there are two things, Naomi Watts and the fact that they are going after the original story as the source material, not just remaking the Hitchcock film.

I know it's not a lot, but it's something, does that outweigh the negative? What about the fact that Martin Campbell is on board to direct?

Naomi Watts was cornered at a press conference for the U.S. remake of Funny Games (Filmstalker review) through Shock Till You Drop and Coming Soon and said the following:

“It's a work-in-progress at this point...I think it's a wonderful film. There are great things in it that interest me. The script isn't completely there yet, it probably won't happen until next year.”

She was also asked about how much creative input she was having in the early development of the script, and she replied in an interesting way.

“I'm sure they'll come with me the next draft. I've seen one draft, it's good. There's more to develop.”

So it sounds like she's already had input and she's waiting to see if the next draft comes through to her liking. Well that's all well and good, but this is a remake of The Birds we're talking, a classic Alfred Hitchcock film. It has to be spot on or nothing at all.

Is there hope in here for you, or is it another dreadfully misguided remake?



Even when they tried to remake a Hitchcock film practically shot for shot, it didn't work that well.

This remake culture is something that's constantly discussed, but it really does bother me. We don't need a remake of The Birds, any more than we need a remake of Doctor Strangelove or Citizen Kane. Put the money into something original for a change guys, is that too much to ask?

You have to wonder where the ideas are being stopped - is it the studios just not taking the new scripts from the writers? Is it that the scripts are moving forward but just not getting greenlit?

I mean it can't be that there are no new ideas out there, it must be that at some point someone's stopping them.

It's probably just a question of security. Films cost so much money to make these days, particularly if you want to compete in the big leagues, so it's safer to go with a remake than an original idea.

Adapting a book, or redoing a film is fiscally intelligent due to the fact that you already have market research and an audience base readily available. You know that the title has X amount of fans already, and chances are that Y amount will turn up to the cinemas, ten pound notes clutched eagerly between their fingers. With fresh films you have to attract big names to the project, rely on positive media coverage and spend a fortune on marketing to make it anywhere near as successful as something like I Am Legend or a Hitchcock movie.

Mind you, Disturbia was practically a remake of Rear WIndow, and that didn't do too well as I recall.

I think this will blow big time. Stop all this POINTLESS remakes!!!


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