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Win free stuff – Competitions on now!

SixthofMay.jpgI have to get you guys going a little more because I've got some competitions running right now and you could be winning them, really, you could.

There's three DVD copies of On the Black Hill, three copies of Sixth of May and on Monday there's another competition coming up on Monday, and there's the feature writing competition where you can get your feature on the front page of Filmstalker.

The first reader's feature is going to be going online next week, as is the next DVD competition. Sixth of May closes next week and On the Black Hill the week after, so get entering!!

I mean I'm just giving away these prizes for next to nothing, and if you readers don't enter them then they'll go elsewhere, and on Filmstalker it really could be you winning.

Here's the competition list currently running:
Sixth of May
On the Black Hill
Filmstalker Feature

Get entering!



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