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Win On the Black Hill DVD

BlackhillDVD.jpgI've just been given three copies of the film On the Black Hill on DVD to give away to lucky Filmstalker readers.

The film is an epic chart of two brothers lives, covering nigh on eighty years and features the stunning backdrop of the Welsh-English border. The film won the 1988 Best Film at the San Sebastian International Film Festival.

The story of On the Black Hill follows two identical twin brothers who are born to parents who carry resentment towards each other and their situation as well as coping with huge social inequalities.

They grow up, live together and eventually die together, all through eighty years spanning wars, love and loss.

The DVD includes an introductory booklet written by the writer and director Andrew Grieve and carries a short film which was also shot on the same gorgeous location as On the Black Hill.

Released on 31st of March the DVD will be retailing for £12.99, and you can have a copy for free.

Simply make sure you're a UK resident, which shouldn't be too hard, and answer the following question correctly before the 24th of March:

What creature is depicted on the Welsh flag?

Send your answer to competition@filmstalker.co.uk along with your full postal address, and that's it. The winners will be selected by myself at random and that's that. Too easy isn't it?

If you want to get your own copy, perhaps you've missed the end of the competition or something, then here are a few links that will help you, and Filmstalker:

Reserve/Rent from LOVEFiLM
Buy from Play.com or Amazon.co.uk



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