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Win Sixth of May on DVD

SixthofMay.jpgThe Sixth of May is a political conspiracy thriller from Theo Van Gogh, the director who was murdered in Amsterdam for his film Submission which portrayed the abuse of Muslim women, and I have three copies of the film to give away.

The film is a fictional account of a real life assassination and weaves together fact and fiction.

On the 6th of May 2002 the extreme right wing Dutch politician Pim Fortuyn was assassinated. The film builds a conspiracy around that real life event as a photographer taking some paparazzi shots finds something suspicious at the murder scene.

He's soon dragged into a conspiracy that involves his own government and has pulled himself and his daughter into a deadly plot that could well end with them.

Sixth of May (06/05) comes from the controversial director Theo van Gogh, a man who was murdered just a few years ago for his film-making. It stars Thijs Römer and Tara Elders who both give strong performances, and turn out an interesting thriller with a massive conspiracy theory.

The film looks incredibly exciting, and I've seen it - review is pending - and you can own the DVD when it is released on the 31st of March, or you can get it for free right here instead of paying the £14.99 retail price.

To win a copy you have to be a UK resident and answer the following question correctly.

What is the occupation of the famous long dead relative of the director Theo Van Gogh?

The most taxing part of this is sending your answer to competition@filmstalker.co.uk along with your full postal address.

After the closing date of the 17th of March I'll select the correct answers and then randomly pick the winners.

Here's the trailer for a taster of the film.



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