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Win St. Ives / All For Love DVD

StIves.jpgI've got a few interesting non-mainstream competitions for you coming up, the first is for the adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson novel St. Ives, also known in film as All For Love.

It's a costume drama (with some comedy) starring such names as Jean-Marc Barr, Anna Friel, Miranda Richardson, Richard E. Grant and Jason Isaacs, and you can win one of three DVD's of the film.

The story of St. Ives/All For Love tells of a French Army Captain Jacques de Keroual de Saint Ives who is sent to a Scottish prison during the Napoleonic wars in 1813. While there both he and the camp commander fall for a local woman and Jacques is determined to escape, win her over, and start a new life. However someone is conspiring against him.

I've just watched it, and I have to admit I had a bit of a laugh at it. There's a feeling of those old musketeer films, costume mixed with sly, modern humour, and although I'm not sure what the original story was like, I think this does it a fair bit of justice.

Now then, if you fancy a copy of the DVD, which goes on sale on the 14th of April for £16.99, then you're in luck as I have three to giveaway.

As usual the competition has a few rules, nothing too crazy. First one is that it's open to UK residents only. Second one is that you answer this insanely easy question.

Which star of the film had a Royal appointment with Blackadder?

Send your answer to competition@filmstalker.co.uk along with your full postal address, and that's it.

That simple. Competition closes on 31st of March, so get entering. Remember my decision is final, and I'll randomly chose the winners from those who supply the correct answer.



I suppose it will help me win the DVD if I have been watching Blackadder which I didn't. *sigh*

Oh come now, there are film databases online that can help...one I link to all the time!!


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