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World War Z script review

WorldWarZ.jpgI've recently read Max Brooks' World War Z (World War Z / Amazon.com / Play.com) and I thought it was an interesting story and a fresh take on the world of zombies, but I never thought it would make a film, not directly at least.

That's just what's happening though, and with a script from the excellent J. Michael Straczynski, it looks like the film is going to be adapted well. Especially now that the script has been reviewed online.

The reviewer, from AICN, says that the draft he's seen of the script is dark, sombre, upsetting, and adult, and that it follows the vein of the book very well.

For those that don't know the novel, it follows the interviews of a man who was tasked by the United Nations to report on the events that led to the zombie World War, also known as World War Z. Although he collates the report, no one wants to know about it as it highlights the various failures of governments and agencies to stop the spread of the zombification throughout the world. So he writes his own book from the interviews and publishes it.

You can see already the obvious comparisons in modern day, and the connections to the failure of the agencies and those involved in the rise of the Taliban and the terrorist attacks on the United States.

However there aren't such bold and obvious connections made in the book, it really concentrates on the interviews of people and the flashbacks, weaving a story together from the different worldwide voices and providing some amazing visuals.

The script does seem epic indeed, perhaps too epic, and I'm seriously concerned that JMS's work is once again going to be chopped up by Hollywood because both the script, and the source material, are just too big for the screen.

No, let me correct that, not too big for the screen, but too big for the minds the Hollywood executives. Now if the production company can keep fighting for this, get a strong intelligent director behind it, maybe they can sway the studio to keep it moving forward, but I have some doubts.



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