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Worst Case Scenario Nazi Zombies alive!

WorstCaseScenario_Poster.jpgIt certainly has been a long time since we've heard about the film Worst Case Scenario, the film which would see all the Nazi soldiers killed during World War II rise from the dead and try to pick up from where they left off.

The reason appears to have been problems with funding, something they've now sorted out and with a new production company at their side, they're off again.

Now as a reminder, here are a couple of the promo's for the film to give you the idea.

promo teaser [QT:Embed] and the follow-up teaser [QT:Embed], or you can see the HD version, over at the Worst Case Scenario official site.

The story comes from the film's own site through Quiet Earth and Twitch, and tells us that they've not been sitting around:

"After we signed our first financing deal, way back at the 2004 Cannes Film Market, our American producers tried to get together a 5 million Euro budget. When after 1.5 years their efforts didn't pay off, we decided to cut the tie. That proved easier said than done. It took us another year and a half to work out a deal that gave us back all rights to movie, title and screenplay.

And it left us - after three years of hard work - back at square one. That's movie business for you...

...We've found a new production partner. Among other titles Richard Claus produced Anthony Waller's neat 'Mute Witness'. And he's German, which proves that he has a GREAT sense of humor.

We had to bring down the budget, but the adapted screenplay still contains all the gory thrills that we want to get on screen."

Now as much as they try to put our minds at rest, that last bit does worry me a little, just how much are they going to cut back on the planned effects, the cool ideas, and are we really going to see what we've been teased with on the big screen?

That's not all though, you can get involved in Worst Case Scenario even more, not only have you perhaps already signed up for being a zombie extra on the film, but you can now invest in it.

At the moment they're just looking to see how popular the idea would be, but if they get enough you can be sure that the film will get made and we'll see those Nazi zombies just as they look in the teasers. Let's hope so.



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