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X-Files 2 spoiler pictures

X-Files.jpgI really don't know what the fuss is about these, first we've already seen some press manipulation going on with stills from the X-Files 2 set, so we don't know if they are true or not any more, and now we're seeing more pictures from the set that really have little to do with anything.

Yes, they will make some X-Files fans excited, but come on, this is hardly the crux of the X-Files is it? If it is then it's being reduced to something akin to a television soap.

Now for those of you who want to remain spoiler free and are ardent X-Files fans, this might not be for you, so avert your eyes now.

For the rest of us, we can continue and you'll be certain that none of this will really affect or upset you in any way. Mulder and Scully have been caught on camera kissing. Yep, full on too.

Wow (insert deflated pause), that's it? Crucial to the plot of the X-Files 2 film, and something that has been making the interflab all a wobble, is the fact that Mulder and Scully have been caught kissing.

Really I couldn't care about that, I'm still strung out about the possible abandonment of the alien conspiracy plot line, something which I still think is a big deal despite people trying to persuade me otherwise.

You can see the photos over at Flynetonline through Latino Review. Oooh, I'm all aghast and quivering.



..even Tremulous??

Maybe they're having an affair in real life. Damn paparazzi!

Tremulous, now there's a new one...yes, perhaps that too!


Gargling hot garbage juice: Gillian Anderson's expression after sucking face with one of old Hollywood's biggest known Nazi sympathizers tells all. Ministry of Propaganda (Nazi Hollywood) being a controller, in the once fair, movie industry can coerce Gillian Anderson to make the 'X-Files 2' sequel rip off, but not here face. She has fought this sequel group for about six years. Rumor has it Gillian Anderson is off fascism and Nazi sympathizers. Old Hollywood's quickly fading power towards complete bankruptcy has put Gillian Anderson in a position to accept only the highest bid for her arm twisting involvement with these top crimedogs. That, and only lending her box office appeal to this fast buck movie shame, no doubt got her through her standing like a cold stone kissing scene. Score one, Gillian Anderson. Nazis, zip!

by brovi (resist!)

brovi says:

'X-Files' - 'David Duchvony and The Nazi Boys'

The 'X-Files' Group [Carter, Spotnitz and Duchvony]: Why is it that whenever one of these duds open their mouth they reek of misinformation and deception much like a used-car-salesman? Within seconds you know they're full of corroded horse crap. http://www.cbc.ca/mrl3/8752/bc/ondemand/video/bc-080312-xfiles-CLIP.wmv

Moreover, they're like a really bad infommercial: always selling old Nazi Hollywood (especially X-Files) with such recycling self-glorifications. Not only that but they, without fail, always come across like a bunch of nerdy white collar perverts. Society has never -ever- heard anybody talk as much and say so little as these.

David Duchvony, Carter what's-his-name and the other what's-his-name Spotnitz are known for being a total 'Nazi Landing.' That's not all they're known for. This talentless group of hangers-on made millions off the skirt-tails of Gillian Anderson for a near decade.

Without Gillian Anderson these guys have been sucking the big one, ever since she cut herself loose in 2002. They've been stalking her ever since. This brotherhood abused her way before then however.

If you've ever been a female in the military, you can imagine the kind of harassment and hell she had to put up with (throughout her TV X-Files years) from this jealous bunch of 'Nazi sexist momma's boys.'

David Duchvony's massive ego was tormented when his popularity dropped like 'Californication' ratings (compared to Gillian Anderson's) once Gillian came to the TV series X-Files. With old Hollywood and their Fox studio's unabated blessing, Duchvony and the boys began setting up camp to control, dominate and undermine Gillian Anderson. However, she adamantly refused to cooperate like a good little girl. Go figure!

David Duchvony - Does Nothing
Gillian Anderson was forced to work 16 to 17 hour days scrapping around on the floor fighting with pretend alien dummies into her ninth month of pregnancy. The abuse didn't stop there. Moreover, do you think that David Duchvony and the Nazi boys spoke out concerning this atrocity against motherhood? Yea right.

Gillian Anderson was forced to continue these slave hours after her first newborn arrived. For a near decade she had to work these hours combined with five and a half workweeks for nine months straight out of the year. During the day the only time that Gillian Anderson even got to see her first child was for about 20 minutes between the Nazi boys changing the lighting on the set.

When Gillian tried to stop the abuse they held her to their mafia-like contract. When she fulfilled particulars of the contract that allowed her to option out of that Nazi deed she put in her resignation immediately. During her years struggling to be a working mother and fighting the contractual abuse, David Duchvony and the Nazi boys merely ran the sidelines.

David Duchvony's only public outcry during that time was not against the abuse of motherhood and women's rights on the set by his Nazi boys -and in old Hollywood. No. His only published complaint was, of course, for himself. Duchvony felt it was unfair that he had to do most of the physical and dirty work scenes. And, he wanted more pay. Where have all the good men gone?

Now David Duchvony and the Nazi boys were in dire straights. They pushed their evil Nazi ways too far. Their only source of income was about to walk out the door. But, that wasn't far enough away from these cows for Gillian Anderson. She left the country.

Not once has David Duchvony, nor the Nazi boys, spoke out or even mentioned Gillian Anderson's decade abuse or the abuse which followed Gillian's resignation. Why would they? They were/are the large part of it. Old Hollywood has attempted to make it impossible for Gillian Anderson to work in the industry. It reeks in Hollywood of 'either X-Files or nothing' for Gillian Anderson.

Was it Gillian Anderson's fault that David Duchvony and the Nazi boys, old Hollywood and their Fox studios lost millions upon millions in potential future project revenues when Gillian resigned at hugely high TV ratings? Why should Duchvony and the boys profit from Anderson after what they did and what they continue to do? Does Gillian Anderson owe them anything under the circumstances? Since when is Nazi abuse rewarded?

Duchvony Wanted X-Files ForeverDavid Duchvony and The Nazi Boys never wanted the X-Files to end. EVER! They had found a million dollar baby (Gillian Anderson.) Their career life was sealed with TV gold, not to mention all the potential movie venues. Yet, one that they couldn't control and use to their own self-serving ends and unhindered abuse.

Regardless, in the six years -since 2002/03- of being blacklisted, slandered in the Nazi celebrity rags and being coerced, Gillian Anderson has refused to return to David Duchvony and the nazi boy's 'X-Files' dreamland. Duchvonly and old Hollywood have been threatening an 'X-Files 2' movie quick cash cow from Gillian Anderson for six long years.

"I got tired of fighting it." To date, that is the only statement Gillian Anderson has made regarding the question, 'what can you tell us about the X-Files 2 movie?'

Gillian Anderson's documented abuse and fight while at Fox studios helped to push through a new law protecting working actor-mothers. Now do you see all the women in Hollywood having babies? The only noted thing that David Duchvony and The Nazi Boys have done is to push through (coerced) the movie sequel 'X-Files 2.'

If Gillian Anderson really was treated that badly (and I'm not saying she wasn't) I some how doubt that she would be siging up for another X Files film. I also doubt she had it in her contract from years ago to do it. Plus one look at her profile on IMDB, shows that she has four other films in post production, excluding The X Files. I think she's doing okay, it doesn't smack of someone being ostracized by muliple studios to me.

It could just be that she doesn't like LA that much, for whatever reason. Maybe she prefers living in Britain and raising her kids, and only takes parts that interest her. Maybe she just felt like reliving an old character again, she wouldn't be the first, look at Sly Stallone. I don't see anyone holding a proverbial gun to her head.

I think she most likely was treated somewhat ufairly, and that back when she had Piper things were very different than they are now. That unfortunately goes for most women through the ages having children. Although she did have a much more physically demanding job. Lets not forget that they did the whole abduction story arc so for the last part of her pregnancy she wasn't filming or was laid up in a pseudo hospital bed.

According to interviews she was contracted to work the hours she did but she also chose to go back to work soon after giving birth - for whatever reason.

It was Fox and the lawsuit with Chris Carter that held up the making of X Files 2 not Gillian Anderson. Also ratings of season 9 had significantly dropped not risen after earlier seasons.

When she came to the X Files she had much less experience than David Duchovny and so her paycheck reflected that. I do thing that shortly after the X Files hit its height she should have been awarded the same salary as David D without question, that she shouldn't of had to demand it. As they worked the same hours and were both leading actors and well frankly their relationship within the show carried it forward.

If you look on her own website she has written that sometimes she loved David and sometimes she hated him but that that was because they worked such intense hours together - I suppose anyone would be the same.

In short, I don't think she was persecuted quite as badly as the earlier post suggests but that she also didn't have the easiest time of it either.

Thanks for a more rational and realistic view Christie. I think the fact that she's returned to the series says it all, things must be sorted for her, and that's all that's important.

Personally though I still like seeing her in other films, her performances of late have been superb - just like Last King of Scotland and Straightheads.


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